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Last Night in New York

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Testimony of a Feminist Vader

Recently many people have asked me:

"Why did you dressed up as Darth Vader to #WomensMarchJkt?"

I came to the #WomensMarchJkt dressed as Darth Vader because he's unique. He was a good man at first and then he turned bad and then good again. I think the same thing applies to all of us. We might be in a world where people are still patriarchal, sexist, racist today, but we can change them. They can be good.

I also came to the march with my Mom because she's my inspiration. Everything I am would be nothing without her. She took care of me on her own for many years after she got divorced. Hard-working, formidable women like my Mom and other outstanding women like Kartini Kendeng, Mama Yosepha Alomang, Maria Catarina Sumarsih are the living testament of feminism. Women are just incredible
. Women are capable of being whoever they want to be, despite all of the social, political, or cultural limitations that are bestowed upon them.

On the other hand, #WomensMarchJkt and other m…

Veritas Vincit

My friend just got temporarily suspended from his academic life, just because his campus thinks his movie screening event was 'provocative.' The movies he was screening were about the late Munir, an Indonesian human rights defender that was killed on his way to NL.

Are those movies provocative? Yes. Does that necessarily make them bad? No. Because the movies are telling the truth about injustice and impunity.

Similar things are happening everywhere, even to a noble teacher like Pak Dika who's trying to speak the truth about the extortion and injustice in the school he's working at.

What happened to him? Pak Dika got fired for speaking the truth, which is 'provocative' enough to be a defamation for the school he used to work at.

We need to understand that provocative isn't always bad or threatening. Even in my friend's case, as a form of art the movies were meant to 'provoke' our soul, thoughts, awareness, dignity and our sense of justice. Why should…

A Night of Friendship